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hey look it’s me again!!!

blossom’s medical issues have not gotten better despite the numerous attempts at controlling her allergies that make her uncomfortable and make her prone to itching and causing herself to bleed and loss fur. we all love her and we’re back at it again with a new treatment plan.

today’s cost is $238. this is going towards medication to make her calmer, medication to rule out mange and food that is supposed to be impossible to be allergic to and if that doesn’t work then we’re done with diet trials. if this doesn’t help, a future fee of $387 is predicted for fungal culture, skin and ear scraping and allergy testing. if they find something, the cost will be up to $484 for estimated medications.

i am really only looking for help for half of today’s cost so $120. an then, depending on if this doesn’t help her at all, i’ll need help paying future costs. I’m a student and most of you know that I’m graduating this weekend. blossom has kept me alive for these long semesters and i want to return the favor and keep her quality of life up.

my paypal is andsarahbellesaid@gmail.com

thank you

love from fae & blossom

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